«WinterGudauri» school offers you a wide selection of individual and group classes, where you can choose the course according to your requirements.The instructors of our school will not just teach you how to ski and snowboard, but they will convey their love and passion for winter sports. First of all, instructor-led classes are your security! Our instructors are well versed in areas for skiing and snowboarding, familiar with the terrain, and they also take into account the weather conditions before classes. The instructor will assess your level of skiing and snowboarding and teach you the methods that correspond to your skills. With the help of our professionals, beginners will quickly and confidently master skiing or snowboarding, and experienced snowboarders and skiers will be able to improve their skills.

The main directions:

  • Individual and group classes (Join a group of skiers or snowboarders to spend an exciting time on the slopes!);
  • Improvement of skiing or snowboarding level;
  • Freeride / Freestyle;
  • Carving;
  • Downhill skiing or snowboarding;
  • Working with children. It is important not only to get on the ski, to teach children how to stand, turn to the right or left and slow down but also not to discourage them from alpine skiing. We always conduct the learning process in an entertaining way, like it is a game.

We have been trained in international ski and snowboard instructor training programs which correspond to ISIA standards. We will help you organize an unforgettable, fascinating, and safe vacation.

Location: our instructors will meet you at a place convenient to you in the area of the Gudauri ski resort, depending on the level of your abilities and place of residence.

Equipment: Equipment rental is not included in the price of the lessons, but we can recommend a rental point depending on your location. Prices are near 15$ for person per day.

Ski-pass: Ski-passes must be purchased directly from the resort at the cash register, and you can pay by card or cash.

Insurance: WinterGudauri school is not responsible for injuries sustained during classes. Our students are not covered by insurance, and we insist on having sports insurance that works abroad.

Individual and group classes


Suitable for everyone, it is the most popular option.

Morning: from 10:30 to 13:00

Afternoon: from 13:30 to 16:00

An individual class. ‘Half-day’ course gives you enough time to progress and not too much to get tired. This course is suitable for beginner skiers and snowboarders. Half a day you practice with an instructor, and in the afternoon you practice your practical task. Half-day courses (three-day and five-day) are the reasonable value for money, depending on your physical fitness and desire. During the courses, skiers learn how to do parallel turns and snowboarders learn how to do linking turns.


Half-day courses (three-day and five-day) are the best correlation of price and time. It’s fun, practical, and there is always a competition that motivates every participant! You can learn from the mistakes of others, and even if your level of abilities are different, the instructor will give everyone the appropriate exercises that will keep the group together. Join the group of 2-3 skiers or snowboarders to spend an exciting time on the slopes.

Half-day80$60$ per person
55$ per person50$ per person
3 x ‘Half-day course’220$165$ per person140$ per person125$ per person
5 x Half-day course’350$265$ per person220$ per person195$ per person

Individual and group classes

All Day

This course is suitable for people with good physical fitness, and for those who are not willing to waste their time!

From 10:30 to 16:00

It will not be easy and you will be tired every day, but the result will be forthcoming! You will progress constantly. During the several days of ‘All day’ course, you will learn how to descend from black and red trails in Gudauri. The instructor and you will be investigating freeride, carving, and also the starting freestyle elements. If you have the motivation and you want to receive the maximum result, then this course is for you!

All-day160$120$ per person100$ per person90$ per person
3 x ‘All-day course’430$320$ per person265$ per person235$ per person
5 x ‘All-day course’670$500$ per person410$ per person365$ per person

A family day

A whole day (up to 5 people)

From 10:30 to 16:00

This course is suitable for a group of people who cannot decide how many hours and days each of them needs. There are families and groups with different levels of skiing and snowboarding. You can choose the time, place and amount of hours for everyone. You also choose whether you want an individual or group lesson. It is the most flexible package for the whole day for you and your children!

1 whole day230$
3 whole days560$
5 whole days815$