Olivia Hassan
Olivia Hassan
Irina is the best skiing instructor I have had, she helped me from not knowing how to ski to turning and performing mini jumps while I ski! I definitely recommend her for anybody who wants to get excellent at skiing!! By the way she is brilliant with me (a kid) and handles 3 kids at one time- I skied with her with my sister and my best friend!
John Hassan
John Hassan
Fantastic service and a great team of instructors. Really appreciate you making our holiday so much fun!
Amin Sharifi
Amin Sharifi
I had 3 half day course. I didnt realize so good result. Thanks team! ^^
Rafik Biniatov
Rafik Biniatov
Best freeride in my life)
Леван Зухбая
Леван Зухбая
We had snowmobile tour, it was amazing! Highest mountains in my life ❤️
Paragliding was mind blowing 😇
Famil Xalilov
Famil Xalilov
Evrethink was super nice! Good coach! Recomened for you 💯
Vitalij Belkin
Vitalij Belkin
Really good instructors, good prices, pleasure to work with this School 💯👍🙂
Valentina Kasych
Valentina Kasych
I took two lessons of two days for snowboarding. It so happened that there were different instructors every day, but both were very cool. The guys very accurately explained what I was doing wrong, how to fix it and what I need to work on further in order to get more pleasure from riding. One day we even rode between the tracks, before that there was a small excursion how not to load it on puffy snow. On the second day there was a problem with the rental board on fresh snow, but the instructor got into position, waxed the board and extended the lesson. Thanks to their efforts, I now have no fear of chairs and yoke, as I feel calmer with one leg fastened. And there is something to work on further to improve your technique. I am very glad that I turned to them, in the future I will definitely come to the WinterGudauri school to develop new skills on the board :)
Бабакалов Олесь
Бабакалов Олесь
Я приехал с абсолютно нулевым опытом катания и уже через несколько дней потихоньку, но уже большим с удовольствием съезжал по трассе. Через неделю начался уже чистый кайф :) Мегаприятные и эффективные получаются уроки, очень советую Вам!

Sasha, a very cool instructor, explains everything in detail, helps, the time for training flies by unnoticed, and most importantly, with benefit 🙂


With little previous skiing experience and a huge panic on the first day (because I completely forgot everything I learned a couple of years ago), in 5 days of classes, thanks to Sasha and Nikita, I was able to gain confidence on a snowboard and improve my technical skills. Cool guys who know their stuff.


1st timer snowboarder and it was AMAZING!
I think that the snowboarding experience can be different for each person, go all kinds of ways, but with Ivanna – it is guaranteed to be great!
I was with her for three days, 2.5 hours private lesson each day and it was the best decision I've made.
Ivanna made me feel safe, gave me the confidence to trust my instincts, held me when needed, and encouraged me the whole time.
Even when I was tired - she never gave up!
She is friendly, has very good English, great communication skills and a sense of humor which for me, as a 1st timer who also wanted to have fun – was very important 🙂
So thank you Ivanna and I do hope we'll meet again! :-*
(Can't believe we didn't take a picture together!!)


Can't say good enough about Sasha. I have some experience in snowboarding, so we got strictly to the business: he showed me few exercises to improve my technic, patiently corrected my mistakes one-by-one, and even showed me few poses to strike while taking photos! And every lesson started with the warm-up, which is very important and hardly ignored by most of the riders. Amazing guy and an amazing tutor.


a plus to Anton (anton1358) by the way Anton's mood changed with each day of training with Sasha, we can conclude that Anton did not waste his time and money) Having invested in yourself at the beginning, you, as a beginner, will be able to quickly begin to enjoy riding on slopes of any complexity)

and if you have been riding confidently for a long time, rolled out a lot of slopes and puffy fields in different mountains - Sasha will help you improve your technique (after all, there is always something to improve and optimize) and, literally immediately, feel the effect of his advice, as happened with There are 4 of us who have been riding for 5 years.

I also recommend that you take an avalanche safety course. Sasha - in a simple language and very clearly explain to you how and what you should do if you fall under an avalanche and / or look for those who fell under an avalanche, conduct a training search for you and analyze your actions with comments.

In short, Sasha is a topper. next time I am in Gudauri, I will definitely train with him and go somewhere freeride.


My wife and I came to Gudauri last year around this time, and Sasha was our snowboard instructor. I have more experience than my wife but Sasha was able to train both of us at the same time and take into account our differing levels. He gave great advise, looked after us both and we had a great time. Thank you Sasha for all your help and sorry that it has been taken so long to write this.


I want to express my gratitude to Sasha for teaching me how to ride a board in 5 days. It was my first foray into the big mountains after a couple of frivolous rides on the micro-slopes of Kyiv. During 9 hours of training, I managed to understand a lot of nuances (unloading, the basics of carving and freeride) and move from suffering to riding for pleasure. Separately, I want to note the professionalism, sensitivity and patience of Sasha. I hope to come back next season and already learn and try to freeride.

PS I'm glad that everything turned out this way - that our chance meeting at the Tbilisi airport turned out to be such a colossal experience)


Despite the fact that at the end of January there was practically no snow, only two tracks were open, Sasha managed to help correct the skiing technique and tell the basics for self-taught snowboarders who did not know it🙈 thanks for the availability of information and the desire to make our skiing “beautiful "! Thanks!

Diana Dovhanyuk

Learn the instructor in Georgia, and speak Ukrainian with him - those that you don’t recognize 🙂
Dyakuyu Oleksandra for the miraculous instruction, that warm mood!


Hello everyone! Guys, I recommend Sanya as a good instructor. For me, for example, it’s very comfortable and fun to work with him. I think that Sasha will find an approach to everyone and on his favorite question).

Tanya (Gudauri Dacha)

If you have already rolled along the tracks “for the fan”, then you will understand what is required and learn something new, and a good instructor is the same as what is required!
What a great Oleksandra for the foundations of freestyle and for understanding where to develop further!)


We came with a girl to ride, see the beautiful landscape of the mountains and, of course, have a delicious sing)
But there was one hitch, I didn’t know how to ride at all !!! I only knew how to carry a BOARD in my hands.
And thanks to Alexander, this is a skiing instructor. Believe it or not, guys ON THE THIRD DAY I COULD ALWAYS TURN ON BY MYSELF, BRAKING THE FRONT AND REAR EDGE, KEEP AND DEVELOP NO SMALL SPEED WHEN DOWNING AND, in a word, I rode just anywhere I wanted. In three days with the best instructor, positive, sociable, but also demanding, they passed extremely quickly (which is a pity), but the result is just 100% I learned to ride and next season I will come not for a week, but at least for two or three))))
It was cool thanks again to the Instructors for allowing me to fully enjoy the resort
Ps ... and I was worried that I would go sledding 😂


Good afternoon. I would like to thank instructor Alexander for his patience and courage in teaching snowboarding skills. It was a three-day intensive for 2.5 hours daily from March 10 to March 12. Thank you, we will come again and will advise friends who come to Gudauri. Oksana


A wonderful coach Alexander taught me how to freeride and jump without any problems. Thanks!


I took several snowboard lessons. My last season was 10 years ago, so it was a lot to remember / learn from scratch 🙂
Sasha was very patient and supportive. By the end of the trip I felt confident enough to go (by myself) down quite complicated (for a beginner) slopes. highly recommended!


February 21 flew to Georgia with two children 8 and 5 years old. Previously agreed with the ski school, which did not fulfill its obligations. I found Sasha's contact on the Internet. We signed off and the next day everyone was attached))) I myself skated with Yana. I can say that Sasha and Yana have amazing energy. Simple, punctual and most importantly professionals in their field.


Gudauri attracts again and again. And the guys who help both beginners and more advanced ones are just great! I come here every year and use the services of instructors all the time. All of them are top notch and convenient to decide in advance. Over the past season, he also put his wife and children. Impressive!) 👍

Sergei Yesterday

For the third year in a row we come to Gudauri precisely because of the cool gurney with Sanya. It all started with correcting the technique and skiing on the tracks, and now it's a full-fledged freeride. It was thanks to the amazing impressions of our wheelchair in the most beautiful corners of the resort (even despite the lack of snow this season) that I finally fell in love with snowboarding)))
Lessons with Sasha will be interesting for any level. He can easily and clearly explain the theory, teach you the elements of freestyle, tell you about avalanche safety in a fascinating way, show you the place where you will be the first to roll out the powder and also treat you with a tangerine))
Sasha is an attentive and competent instructor, at the same time a very sincere and kind person who knows how to cheer up and make you smile.
So if snowboarding in Gudauri, then only to him!


We are friends with Sasha for the second season. First time riding in 2018. In February 2020, friendship continued) Thank you so much for your patience, relaxed attitude, ability to find a common language with everyone. I am especially happy and grateful for my son.
In a couple of days for 2.5 hours, Sasha taught a 7-year-old to “fly” on a snowboard. Thanks to Sasha, our “mighty eagle” was visible to everyone) Good-natured, easy to communicate, obligatory and responsible.

Alexandra (Lithuania)

Perhaps you yourself do not know what you want from snowboarding. And even if it seems that everything is going well, I recommend contacting an instructor. In fact, the cooler your existing skill, the more interesting your work together can be! Thanks to the fact that Winter Gudauri has Sanya, my review will now turn into a laudatory ode! For our classes are no longer just training, they are both an escape from reality and a fight against fears!
For some reason, I was not attracted to freeride, but last season Sasha just took me and took me off-piste to show why he learns to ride at all. In 2020, I was already purposefully going to him! For several days we traveled along different routes - both along pleasant gentle slopes and couloirs between the mountains, and even climbed the ridge on foot. These are routes where you yourself will not get, and if you go at your own peril and risk, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation, so I do not recommend doing this without a guide.
In addition to the coolest skill and great work experience, Sasha is just a nice person, very patient, kind and cheerful. Thank you so much for your time and for believing in my snowboarding skills more than I did. I really hope we can ride together again!


Hello! I skated with Sasha back in February 2019, my first season, he taught me important basic things. It so happened that until February 2020, when I came to Gudauri again, I did not stand on the board. Upon arrival, I purposefully wanted to continue the lessons with Sasha. Accordingly, I wrote to him in advance, and we roughly discussed joint training. In February 2020, I already skated with Sasha and Yana, and I am very grateful to both of them. Both pair and individual lessons with the guys helped me a lot. Yana patiently and clearly explained the technical points to me, which greatly facilitated the process for me. I really remember my first freeride organized by Sasha. Freeriding really pumped me up in terms of technicality, but at the same time removed many internal fears (speed, wild slope), and I got amazing impressions of the surrounding nature. If I had skated alone, I would have gone down carefully from the slopes, I would not have seen a completely different nature and would not have gained new experience. Thanks to the guys, since I felt that I could ask all the most stupid, at first glance, questions, I was comfortable in terms of communication, I had a feeling that there was support nearby, and it was not so scary to master new techniques and more difficult slopes.


I express my deep gratitude and respect to your school and especially Sana !!! You are the best of the best !!! With you you get knowledge and ride high !!! Super team !!!
Development and Prosperity to you! (I highly recommend everyone to take at least 5 private lessons or in a group of two people, all the goodies and progress after 3.4 lessons, the difference in price and amount of knowledge is enormous, save wisely 😎👍🏻)

Sergey Odessa

I took a 2-hour snowboard lesson with Alex.
In the 2-hour session, Alex taught me how to make turns. The lesson was really productive for a beginner. I was able to make turns at the end of the lesson. Alex pointed out several mistakes I made to improve my riding. I highly recommend to take a lesson if you are a snowboard beginner.

Yi Z

Had a great snowboard lesson with Alex. I was going down the slopes solo by the afternoon. Incredibly patient teacher, highly recommended!


Had a couple of great lessons with Sania, I've not boarded for 10 years so felt a little rusty. Was good to get back on the slopes with someone that knows what they are doing and can help help sharpen up forgotten skills. Very organized and good communication with timings and availability

Fit Dad Project

In December 2019, my third descent on the board took place 🙂
I somehow mastered the rear edge last year. The goal was to get to the front, overcome the fear of descending facing the slope, and just learn how to confidently handle the equipment. In a few hours with an instructor, I learned a lot of useful things about the board, about the technique for performing elements and safety precautions. To be honest, I was tired by the end of the class. But she did not understand how she went. A lot of useful knowledge, positive impressions and the desire to continue riding.
Thanks to wintergudauri school and instructor Sasha!

P.s. Sasha, I tried to climb on the lift with my leg fastened - it worked))


My family had snowboard lessons with Alex, very professional instructor. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great time in Gudauri. Thanks for everything Alex.

Rodrigo Santos

Had a great snowboarding lesson with Alex in Gudauri, Georgia. Very professional and helpful instructor. Gave great advice and help to suit our different levels. After the lesson we really could see the difference when we followed his helpful hints and advice. Had a lot of fun along the way. Thanks Alex!

Paudge & Natalia

I came to Gudauri with a risky mission - to try to get on the board at the age of almost 44))) If not for the Wintergudauri school, the mission would have remained impossible. They explained the theory so clearly, intelligibly and qualitatively and helped in practice that it was impossible not to go. A very attentive and correct instructor (it seems that he doesn’t stand with a stick over his soul, but you can still complete the tasks and exercises)))) In a few lessons, I was able to understand how great it is to ride a board. Will definitely be back next season and will definitely ride with WinterGudauri!!


We studied in February with WinterGudauri school. It was great. First, he coped with four snowboarders of different levels, then he trained me separately (I only learned how to edge over at the beginning of the season). In two training sessions I taught several good technical exercises, after which I rode more confidently. Now I will train them for the next season. It is especially important that my instructor is patient and knows how to explain, because for me this is critical. Thanks guys!


I had amazing experience with winterGudauri, only had 2 days, but I learned a lot, now I feel more safe and comfortable on the board 🏂

Instructor has a unique teaching style that covers all aspects of learning to snowboard or to improve ones technique. Excellent feedback and critique is given at the end of each lesson which reinforces what has been learned. I will not hesitate to book for next year and I am looking forward to it already.

Thanks guys for an excellent course, keep up the good work. You are awesome 🤙


This school is the best that I have come to study with. They are really a professional in their field, who themselves ride very cool and present material in an accessible way. Classes are easy and interesting. The instructor was an attentive, positive and pleasant person. Next year we will improve my qualifications as a snowboarder 🙂 thanks guys !!!!!


The first time I arrived in Gudauri and took several lessons from the school of wintergudari, in the end I liked it so much that I then took lessons every day that I was at the resort. I knew how to ride, but I wanted to tighten up the technique and start freestyle styling and got a big imp in that, it was fun and very informative.
+ Several times went to the mountains to freeride, which was also very cool and remembered forever.

If I still go to Gudauri, I will definitely contact them.


Given that we watched freeride only on Youtube, and do not belong to professionals, we wanted to learn how to freeride !!! And did not regret it at all, to ride off the track is another snow, other sensations, other emotions, another rest. And Winetgudauri will be able to give it to you, taking into account your level! Thank you guys for this vacation, emotions and a new experience! you are cool! Guys, no doubt contact them, they will sort your mistakes and put anyone on the board or ski!


FREESTYLE FOR THE THIRD DAY!! i still don't believe!

wife found an instructor for reviews here, it was Alexander. On the first day, we fixed the base that we were given last year, on the second we rode confidently, and on the third day we did freestyle, I could not even think, we jumped, jumped over the track, rode through snowdrifts, did different tricks and we can do it. It is very cool. Alexander is the instructor you want to return to next year, and improve your skills, because there are a lot of different riding styles, and I want to learn everything. Thank you very much Alex! I hope we see you next season to learn more)


They have very experienced snowboard instructors! My coach taught me all the basics of snow boarding in Gudauri in March 2018. In one lesson he very skillfully taught me how to snowboard, stand up and feel confident on the board, (even at my age of 64 years). Instructor helped me to have a fantastic first experience on a snowboard! He explains well in English and is very professional and patient. I can highly recommend wintergudauri service.

Graeme Hopkins Dubai


I, mother, who don't trust everyone with her children … but Ivanna immediately got her attitude towards her. She is not only a professional instructor, but also a wonderful person. Children were delighted with classes with Ivanka. After a couple of lessons, they were already going down the green tracks and were indignant that I didn't let them on the blue ones … and then they told my husband that they were better at snowboarding and that it was time for Dad to go to Ivanna for training.


Ivanna clearly told and showed each movement, and when the children repeated, she did not forget to praise them and cheer (well done), which is very important when working with children.


I want to thank you, Ivanna, for the fact that the children learned not only to ride a snowboard, but also to enjoy skiing.


Thank you so much. Sincerely, Natasha, Sasha, Sasha and Vanya


I am very glad that in Gudauri I got "as a student" in this school, I agreed on one hour of skiing even before the trip! But that wasn't enough for me! And in the end we rode for two hours every other day! I’ve been skating for a long time, but my technique was lame, the instructor made an adjustment in one hour, explained everything very intelligibly, that I worked out with pleasure and waited for the next lesson, and there were new exercises and elements of skating! We also drove off-piste, talked about the features of skiing on snow of different quality and how to “unload”, carve and leave a beautiful thin track on the snow, etc. This is not the first time I use the services of an instructor, and I can say that the WINTERGUDAURI school is what you need! We had a newcomer in the company, he was also satisfied, he overcame his fear with an instructor and went!


Chose Wintergudauri to learn the basics of freestyle a little. Came here on a personal recommendation and was not disappointed. Already in the very first lesson, I was loaded with exercises, so it didn’t seem a little and there was something to work out for the day ahead. Later there were two more and, I tell you, the result exceeded my expectations. Firstly, a lot of things really started to turn out, I stopped being afraid to jump. First on small bumps, then more and more. I took a lot of knowledge with me for further independent training. In general, I was satisfied like an elephant with the approach, and with the fact that I was loaded with various tasks, and with the end result in the end. If there was time, I would gladly take lessons again and again. I hope to follow. year. Sanya, dude you are cool, thank you so much!!!!


Last February I took lessons from WINTERGUDAURI SCHOOL and it was great !!! school was advised to me by my friend who took lessons from them.!

I was very pleased with the lessons and the time spent with my instructor. He is an excellent teacher, he explains everything very clearly and easily. always insures and supports, so even going down a steep mountainside, I was not afraid.

i recommend everyone to take lessons from this school!!!


Yana is a very attentive, caring, experienced and professional specialist. For a week, she taught me how to snowboard, taught me how to turn around correctly, corrected all mistakes, always approached training with understanding and attention, while maintaining a friendly, but working atmosphere. Yanochka, thank you very much! Next time I'll come, we will master freeride :)))) Alena 🙂



At the first steps, it is very important that the trainer explains and shows everything to you in an accessible way. The instructors from WinterGUDARI do it very well! You will not regret training with them 🙂 Your task is to trust the instructor, overcome fear and the first falls. With a good mood, great jokes and relaxation for 5 minutes, the instructor taught me the basics. Guys, thank you for finding time both in the evening and in the morning!

Take the right instructor and enjoy riding :)


I had a great riding experience with guys in December 2018. I was a beginner who can ride only on back edge and who needs a special approach because I'm a bit slow in learning sports. Instructor checked what I had at that moment and than explained my mistakes and gave exercises that improve my skills. I was suprised of myself because on the first training I could ride on the front edge and almost make turns! I kept learning with him next two days and after that I confidently rode and made turns. And the most important that I finally started to feel the joy of snowboarding and now I look forward the next trip to do it again. Thank WINTERGUDAURI for patience, passion of teaching, inspiration that they give, positive mood and sweets during training 🙂 I highly recommend this school, they will definetely help you to improve your riding and inspire you with this kind of sport.


We attended school in March 2018.

Under the supervision of friends of the "teachers", the first days of the vacation, with rather slow progress, mastered the board, which did not lend itself to easy control. I can’t stand winter and cold, and here, in addition, there is a misunderstanding - where is this notorious joy from skiing. He turned to the guys with the already strengthened idea of stopping snowboarding.

But already during the first lesson, such thoughts no longer appeared. Having pumped the skills of turning and edge-changing with him, the stage began when you get only pleasure from skating. In a couple of lessons, the instructor instilled skills for confident control of stability and speed, which made it possible even to ride in zero visibility conditions.

If without lyrics, then they approach training responsibly, explain everything simply and clearly, demanding, monitor safety. highly recommended.


Visited Gudauri in begining of March 2018 and we (I and my wife) contacted wintergudauri school for assistance in snowboarding as it was first time for my wife and second for me.

It is really good school, they know all the practice tricks beginner needs to do and they can explain and show them properly. All in all, we ended up practicing with instructor for two hours two days in a row and later did the drills which he gave us and soon enough I uograded my skills and my wife was going properly down the slopes.

So thanks to Wintergudauri school again and I can recommend for anyone who wants to learn snowboarding and ski properly.


Trained in February 2018.

In a few lessons he taught me how to edge over and perform several basic exercises that help me not to be afraid to change the edge on steep slopes and control the board. The instructor explains the technique easily and clearly, always rides nearby, protecting from other road users 😉

Great school, I recommend it to everyone! They teach both beginners and advanced snowboarders.


Rested with friends in Gudauri in early February. The guys from winter Gudari showed us a very beautiful freeride! They provided all the necessary equipment for difficult descents! They know their stuff and I recommend them to everyone! In addition to freeride tours, they are also excellent tour guides!

See you soon! 😉



We rested in Gudauri from February 23-27. All my friends are skiers, but this is absolutely not mine, so I decided to get on a snowboard. I am extremely grateful to wintergudauri for their help and support in this matter! In just two classes, I went on my own, I gained confidence and a great desire to continue learning and developing. Definitely recommend! I will definitely be back next year!


I had a rest in Gudauri from 20.01 to 27.01.18. I mastered snowboarding without instructors with friends, in connection with which I realized that there were problems in technology. I took an instructor in Moscow before a trip to Gudauri and they began to feed me with theory, draw curves in the snow - in general, load to the fullest, from such training there is neither result nor pleasure.
Arriving in Gudauri, I decided to take lessons from the Wintergudauri school. The instructor asked me to drive 200 meters in front of him, during this period he noted all my mistakes and told me how to deal with them. If you really want to improve your skating level, contact Wintergudauri, if you want to enjoy skating, contact Wintergudauri! attention and was engaged simultaneously with us in 2 programs (I managed to do a photo session). My level of skating has grown, I understood where I should develop further, I got great emotions. Wintergudauri has an excellent price for lessons compared to the rest. Next time, I will definitely work with Wintergudauri!


For the first time I began to snowboard this year. This was my third time on a snowboard. Classes were held 2 days for 2 hours on a green track. I think that the next day I went down the blue tracks myself. Yana is funny, competent and most importantly stubborn. She will convince and teach you. I hope I can work out with Yana again 🙂


At the time of arrival in Gudauri, the level was full 0 (barely standing on the back edge). The whole family rides, I also wanted to master it. After a few sessions with the instructor, the progress was amazing, the turns, edge changes and many other things that allow you to enjoy riding the board were mastered. And most importantly, the fear and terror had gone.

Given the complete lack of physical training, I believe that the instructor did the impossible in a few sessions. To be honest, I did not expect such an effect from the classes.

The only thing I regret is that my son, due to illness, did not have time to work out at the wintergudauri school and learn new tricks in the snow park. But I hope we will make up for it on our next trip to Gudauri.


I want to thank Wintergudauri school! I’m skating for the second season, I got up on the board myself, this time I decided to take an instructor and I advise you directly !!!

The instructor showed all the rolled-in mistakes, taught easily, helped, encouraged, gave homeworknie, the next day I checked it)) Now I get high from every descent, thank you!!!

If I come next year, I will definitely study with Wintergudauri!


I turned to the Wintergudauri school in March of this year on a tip from a friend, whom he recruited from scratch, and did not lose. I already had some riding skills, but there was no clear understanding of how to properly control my body on the board. The instructor systematized everything and clearly explained the sequence. Thanks to him ! Everything is clear, to the point and without telling thoughts on the tree. Worth the lari spent. Good luck and hope to see you next year on the slope!


Hello WinterGudauri! Thank you for the happiest days over the past couple of years) the coolest free ride was! Locations are the bomb! I was surprised that in the presence of a bunch of freeriders and the absence of fresh snow, you managed to find places every time where no one had been before us))) and all this is within easy reach with excellent starts and rollouts! I want more!!!!! You gave me back the desire to ride, lost somewhere in an endless series of working days and a complete lack of time) we will be back))) Everything was clear, at the request of the client, extreme, but safe and tasty))


This year we decided to go snowboarding. Before that, from the winter, they rode only on sleds and cross-country skis. On the recommendation of relatives, on the very first day they took a lesson at the Wintergudauri school and by the evening, although on the back edge, they were still moving down the mountain :) As a result, in 5 days of classes they managed to put my husband on a snowboard, so he was already calmly turned over and he was able to move off different tracks and feel confident at the same time, despite the fact that he tried it for the first time in his life. Due to an injury, I practiced only 3 days, but during this time I mastered the front and back edges and started turning, and perhaps I would have moved further if I could continue classes. The instructor managed to deal with both of us at once and, moreover, to give equal necessary attention to each, was patient and always supported. He explained everything in great detail and treated the "whims" with understanding.

In general, we are very satisfied with the experience and will definitely come back :))


Thanks a lot guys, you are awesome!


At March 2018 I learned snowboarding in Georgia. They have great instructors who thought me all the basics of snowboarding. Next spring I'll definitely come againg and continue to learn.I can definitely recommend this school for everyone!

See you next March. 🙂


I've been going to the guys for two years now. I tried to ride myself for a couple of seasons, but there was not much sense. Last year it took the instructor 5 minutes to explain what I was doing wrong and I stopped catching the edge.

This year they explained to me the top and bottom unloading, told and showed me carving, took me to a natural halfpup, showed me jumps and a few tricks. They know how to teach and explain. You can see results every day.

WinterGudari cool, be like them!.


Resting in Gudauri this season, we decided with a friend to slide down the other side of the resort - to the Kobi Gorge. With very limited experience in freeriding, we decided to turn to the pros. The locals recommended WinterGudauri. It is hard to imagine how our adventure in Kobe would have ended if not for the Guide. Having provided us with the most necessary equipment for freeriding - beepers and walkie-talkies - we went into battle. There is not enough space here to describe all the adventures, therefore, I will limit myself to highlighting the high level of professionalism and, which is very important here, the responsibility of our guide. Considering our level of training, the most suitable and interesting route was proposed, and in moments when there were any difficulties on the way, our guide quickly came (came) to the rescue, which undoubtedly made this small freeride trip easy, enjoyable and exciting. I recommend WinterGudauri to help both beginner boarders who want to raise their level of riding, and experienced riders who want to master new heights and territories!


I want to say a big thank you to the guys for the cool classes 🙂

We rested in Gudauri at the beginning of March and even from home agreed on the training account.

They immediately saw my hackneyed mistakes. We worked on correcting them, did exercises, gave homework, taught various tricks, went off-piste. Each time they managed to tune in to the right wave and enjoy the process. My rays of anger and psychos were replaced by a smile and "come on again."
Guys, if you are looking for a cool instructor, run write to the guys from wintergudauri 🙂
Guys, thanks again :) You are very cool))) and not only as an instructor :))))


Skated with an instructor in March, before the end of the season! I got on the board last year and learned to ride in my region. At the first lesson, we decided that I can ride and we will study the elements of freestyle, carving, freeride. We practiced every day for 3 hours. A lot of emotions, a lot of elements and supports for further improvement were shown. The classes were very productive for which many thanks to you wintergudauri! I will try my best to come this season for training, I recommend it to everyone!