Freestyle — is one of the most striking and spectacular types of snowboarding and skiing. Half-pipe, slopestyle, big-air cause the greatest interest in competitions. Freestyle is one of the most popular styles after freeride. This discipline is included in Olympic sports. Performance of difficult tricks in the air requires significant physical training. Freestyle style will give you an unforgettable experience, you will learn freestyle elements: jumps, new tricks, slides in various shapes, skiing and snowboarding in an unusual position (switch).

Freestyle can be divided into the following types:

Big Air a springboard with a large span, on which you can perform long jumps and perform various freestyle elements in any axis. In this direction, the equipment (snowboard, boots) should be hard (8.9 out of 10).

 Jibbing an interesting type of snowboarding where the rider slides and does various tricks on the ramp, tables, railings, rail, pipe, etc. As a rule, here you need a good level of skating and balance for sliding. For jibbing, soft boots and snowboards without edges are used.

Slope-style this line of figures is located along the entire length of the course, it combines jibbing and big air. Here a series of acrobatic elements is performed on a springboard, pyramid, counter-slope, drop, railing.

Half-pipe this is a special figure similar to the English letter U, in which the rider performs various freestyle elements.

Flat is an “art” in which you need to perform various acrobatic tricks on a flat surface. Flat is also called Flat tricks, ground tricks, buttering. This type of snowboarding will take you to another level, you will be impressed by how much your coordination will change!

In our school WinterGudauri You will learn the beginner freestyle elements, but if you are not already a beginner in this direction, we will help you to put in new elements that will take your breath away.

Location: our instructors will meet you where it is more convenient, in the area of the Gudauri ski resort (depending on your level of ability and place of residence).

Ski school WinterGudauri is not responsible for injuries received during the lessons. Our students are not covered by insurance and we highly recommend having sports insurance that works overseas.

Individual and group classes:


Suitable for riders who are sure to ski or snowboard.

Morning: from 10:30 to 13:00
Afternoon: from 13:30 to 16:00

3×5 Half-day course is the the reasonable value for money, depending on your physical fitness and desire. During these courses, skiers and snowboarders will be involved in big-air, jibbing, and flat tricks.

Half-day80€60€ per person
55€ per person50€ per person
3 x «Half-day course»220€165€ per person140€ per person125€ per person
5 x «Half-day course»350€265€ per person220€ per person195€ per person